One to Ones

In 1;1 sessions, clients can benefit from the use of the larger Pilates equipment namely the reformer and Cadillac offering more resistance, variation and challenge to the Pilates repertoire. Specific goals will be set and a programme established to suit the client.

One to ones for rehabilitation

With her physiotherapy background, Pamela will take a concise medical history for those requiring specific rehabilitation post injury or surgery or if you have been diagnosed with a specific medical condition. Manual therapy will also be used if required in conjunction with your Pilates exercises.

One to ones for prehabilitation/ injury prevention

Pilates can play a huge part in the assessment and correction of muscle imbalances which could potentially cause injury in those who play sport or train at high level.

One to ones in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time of change in the body and a time to pay attention to your own body. Pamela has herself, had three children and so is very familiar with the various changes that occur during the trimesters of pregnancy. Although pregnant women can also enjoy a group Pilates session, it is often useful to have some individual attention to help work on specific areas of concern.

One to ones for back pain

An individual session/ sessions are strongly recommended for those with back pain to help determine the cause of pain and ensure that clients are prescribed the correct exercises which they can then also use as home exercises to ensure the best possible outcome.

Small Groups

Small group sessions can be arranged offering more supervision and attention to the individual.