Pamela Neal has been a professional Pilates instructor for many years, and at Core Health you will always feel welcome and work at your own skill level. Here’s a selection of some attendees testimonials. If you have attended a class and would like to leave a testimonial of your own, send an email from the contact page.

No matter how tired or stiff or sore we are before one of your classes, we always feel better after the class. We think the combination of relaxation, stretching/ supplying and strength exercises in Pilates is uniquely beneficial. Added to that there is never any risk of boredom through repetition, because there is such tremendous variation in the classes.

~ Sharon and Ardis ~

After a bad riding accident in which I severely damaged my pelvis, lower back and left hip joint, I was advised to take up Pilates by a hospital Physiotherapist. It was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received. I joined Pamela Neal’s Pilates class just over four years ago, six months after the accident, and have never looked back. My strength and most of my mobility has returned and I owe a great percentage of this to Pilates and the meticulous training of Pamela.

~ Dorothy Kelly ~

Pilates has helped me to be mindful of my posture when I’m working. I also think its the reason I don’t have back problems because of core strength. Although I know at the end of a class I’ve worked muscles and had a really good stretch I always feel mentally relaxed which is really good after a stressful day. Because classes are small there is plenty of individual attention. Even after 7 years Pamela as classes always “flow” and there is enough variety to maintain interest. I like the feeling of always working towards a goal; it feels good when you reach a target. Anyway I’m Pilates biggest fan and unless I’m out of the country I won’t miss my class.

~ Carpl, Belfast ~

I discovered Pilates eight years ago and it has completely changed my approach to exercise and my mental wellbeing through an understanding of how the body works and the benefits achieved from practising Pilates. These have included better posture, improved body shape and development of my core strength. It is a great way to exercise and the results are so rewarding.

~ Christine, Belfast ~

I have noticed my posture has improved and definitely has strengthened my lower back, and I love it.

~ Kirby, Belfast ~

I joined the class in 2003 upon recommendation from a physiotherapist who was already attending the class. The main aim was to aid mobilisation and build up/ strengthen core muscles to help address a historic lower back injury from 1990 that was giving recurring trouble. Having been slightly dubious about attending a Pilates class ( I wasn’t really sure what Pilates was) within a short period I felt a significant improvement in my condition and realised other benefits of improved core stability such as better posture. All in all, I regard the weekly class as essential maintenance as I now seldom suffer from lower back pain.

~ JSM (Male), Belfast ~